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Jobs in Events and Conferences

Number of large companies and industrial concerns have their own department with staff responsible for making and coordinating the necessary arrangements for regular sales conferences, staff conferences, product launches and special events.Some institutions, associations and charities also employ staff specializing in the organisation of meetings and events. In several firms, the organizing work is combined with other promotional or administrative duties.

Other firms employ professional conference organizers. Conference organizers must select and book the most suitable venue, organize the invitations and accommodation (if necessary) of the various participants, the relevant paperwork, the catering and reception facilities, any specialist equipment necessary (such as video, microphones, projectors, closed-circuit television and so on), media coverage (if applicable), and a host of minor details. Some firms of professional organizers have a small staff and also employ temporary freelances as and when necessary.

Conference centers and hotels specializing in conference facilities have their own conference staff who are responsible for arrangements for conferences already booked and for advertising and encouraging further bookings.

Qualifications and Training

There are currently no formal educational requirements, but occupational standards and NVQs are being established. Useful experience could include sales and marketing, knowledge of hotel and venue operations, and language skills, as well as secretarial duties. Computer literacy is important for genuine part time jobs.

Personal Qualities

A flair for organisation and forward planning is needed, as are tact, discretion and the ability to talk to all kinds of people and anticipate their various demands. In addition, conference organisers should be prepared to organise events abroad.

Courier (Messenger)

Couriers deliver and collect parcels. The work is generally done in the larger towns and cities. Mostly the delivery or collection is in the same town, s6metimes a different one and, occasionally, another country. Most couriers travel by motorcycle which they may be required to buy. Couriers carrying packages abroad travel by air.

Qualifications and Training

No formal educational qualifications are necessary. Motorcycle couriers must be 17 and hold a clean motorcycle licence.

Personal Qualities

Couriers are generally required when speed is important or when the package cannot be entrusted to the post. Therefore reliability is most important as too is the ability to arrive without undue delays. Common sense and initiative are also useful.

Courier (Travel)

Couriers are employed by the major tour companies as official guides for parties of tourists travelling with them from country to country and town to town. The courier is responsible for the welfare of the tourists and must attend to any worries or complaints. In addition, they are responsible for all the paperwork necessary when the party stays overnight in a hotel or crosses a frontier post. Much of their work is seasonal and generally only senior staff are kept on a permanent basis.

Qualifications and Training

A good general education including GCSE passes in English, geography and maths is usually required by the travel trade. Qualifications in relevant languages and experience of living and working abroad are an obvious advantage, and couriers must be conversant with local customs and fluent in the various languages needed on a particular tour. Most training takes place on the job and there are NVQs available. The Institute of Travel and Tourism has professional examinations (three to four GCSEs required) but these are not intended for trainees, rather experienced staff wishing to gain more senior positions in the travel industry.

Personal Qualities

A courier must have infinite patience, tact and a pleasant personality. They need to be able to get on with a wide variety of people of all nationalities and from all walks of life, without becoming flustered or panic-stricken when a crisis arises.