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Ways to find Employees

1. Go beyond traditional hiring techniques

Posting your job description in the local newspaper and on a couple of job websites can work, but to maximise the chances of finding great employees for your organisation, you should certainly consider the use of Online Recruitment Software. Such software can enable you to actively target and recruit high-performing candidates with the skills and experience that you need to grow.

2. Make your job advertisement count

When it comes to your job description, every word counts. Listing the experience and skills requirements for the role is obviously crucial, but adding details about the company culture and possibility of future progression will also help to sell the position to candidates.

3. Take your interview to the next level

If your job interview process doesn’t engage your candidates, there’s a great likelihood that they simply won’t be excited about the possibility of working for you.

Make sure the interview process is both professional and personable, and go beyond the most obvious questions when possible. Be creative and ask thought-provoking questions that give you the answers you need to truly separate one candidate from the next.

4. Ask about previous job success

Asking about the candidate’s previous positions and successes is crucial for working out not only their key skills, but also their passion and determination for success. Asking about their references and recommendations – and actively researching and contacting these referees – can also help you decide whether a candidate is an ideal choice or just all talk.

5. Use a pre-hire assessment

Pre-hire assessments can be useful almost regardless of the position that you are advertising, be it junior administrator or senior manager. Although pre-hire assessments – whether in the form of a written test or on-the-job activity – can take time and be nerve-wracking for some candidates, the insightful results that they tend to produce can make them difficult to ignore.